Plants and trees are very much important component of our system. These are the reason of our existence. With the advent of the technologies, the environment has been affected a lot. The humans have built high buildings by cutting down the entire forests. This is a situation we need to address and a balance which needs to be sustained. If we are worried about the survival of the coming generations then we must encourage gardening and everyone must plant a tree and must participate in keeping the environment green and healthy.

Gardening is a hobby and a profession both. Some people who consider this hobby grow plants in their homes and get fruits and vegetables from their garden. This is a very healthy way of living. Other people grow the plants and trees professionally and then sale these to other people or provide many kinds of gardening services to ones who own a garden. Not only the gardening is beneficial for the environment but it has many other interesting advantages and benefits as well.

From the latest study, it has been proved that the people who keep themselves busy in the gardening no matter what kind of  gardening it may be, either the garden maintenance North Shore or gardening a person may do in his lawn are more stress relieved. These people become more fresh by gardening and becomes happy and their stress levels are also balanced.

Not only is the gardening provides you peace and comfort but it is also considered as good physical exercise. Maintaining and planting various plants and taking care of them every day require a physical effort. The reason that most of the people do not get tired from it and even the people of older age enjoy this work without getting tired is because it keeps the person fresh and it is a very interesting work.

The medical study has prescribed the patient who suffers from stroke to do gardening. The reason why is because gardening task involve hand strength and activities and it could be used to keep the muscles in the hand active. Not only this, but it also help the patients to regain their productivity and creativity and also channel their abilities towards a good thing. It also helps control their mood swing and have positive impact on their behavior.

Along with the physical strength, gardening has best effect on the brain and the Alzheimer. It keeps the different aspects of brain working and keeps them in a good and sound shape.