Fitting your bed with a new head board is a fairly easy task and one that you can do yourself. You can either have floor-standing headboards or ones that are strutted half way across. Both these types are easily attachable using bolts. Here are a few ways in which this can be done.

Measure the area of the headboardThe first step before you buy a head board is to measure the area of the bed or divan beds. If it is a divan bed, these usually come without backs but have screw holes for head boards so make sure you watch out for them and make some measurements before purchase. You can find headboards that are both hard and soft. The soft ones are usually padded with some fibers or if you are making your own headboard at home, you could go to a thrift store selling old furniture, cheap mattresses Sydney and other home ware to get the supplies.

Fitting the headboard for a strut typeIf you are going to use the strut headboard, then in order to fit it on to your bed or divan, you would have to insert the frames of the board on to the holes that are on the divan already. The screw holes will be placed according to the size of the divan or bed, heavier headboards will need more than 2 holes for mounting. Therefore, some of them could be found as below the mattress base of the bed. It’s good to find an extra set of hands to keep the board in place when screwing the bolts so that you could check its height and if it is in place. Also it would be easier and safer to have someone to help. Alternatively, if the bolt holes are not already drilled, you would have to contact your buyer and get advice on the possible sizing of a head board or drill the holes yourself.

Floor board head boardsWhen installing floor head boards, the technique is same as that of struts. Locate the bolt holes on the back of the head of the beds or divan at the bottom. Then insert the headboard in place, positioning the headboard upright to keep it close on the floor. There is no need to adjust the height of these boards as your cue for height would be when one end of the head board touches the floor. Although, the head board would seem steady, make sure that all the bolts are secure and fastened tightly before you finish the job.