Marble is a stone that is useful in designing and making beautiful flooring in the buildings. There are various types of marbles available in the market like limestone, Breccia, Sand sculpture, etc. It is a natural stone extraction from the earth and to make it beautiful the stone polishing. The polished marbles are used everywhere including the bathrooms and common areas. They act as the base flooring materials have a long lifetime unless a chemical damage or harsh cleaners hit their surface. Once damage occurs to the marble, it is not repairable, and new marble is a must. 

Selecting the right marble to the floor is crucial. Each type of marble consists of different patterns and streaks. The marble floor available for living rooms is different from limestone usage for bathrooms tiles. The marble stone is also used in the stone bench tops while installing the kitchen floor cabinets. The marble is made up of metamorphic rock which consists of carbonates and minerals.While constructing a house, people decide the type of flooring they want for their homes. It is not possible to use stone tile in all places as there are few places where people use wooden flooring due to the danger of earthquakes and in other locations wooden flooring is not preferable due to rain and hot weather. The wooden flooring cannot sustain the stable weather conditions and any water leakage on the tile damages it entirely. Maintenance is a must for wooden floors for every few years. The marble flooring is high and costly when we compare it to the wooden flooring.The marble polishing is a thriving business in the marble sales field, and it takes a lot of work to make the marble stone shine. Go here for more information about caesarstone bench top. 

The cleaning and mopping of the unpolished marble are the first steps in preparing the mirror shining marble. Many machines are available to remove the first layers of the marble. People who cannot afford to buy marble prefer the granite stone for their places. Marble kitchen bench top is costly when compared to the granite stone bench top. The maintenance of marble is also high when compared granite stone as any chemical reaction even to juices result in the damage to the marble.In the previous days, only a few colours of marble are available in the market whereas now, we had numerous colour options available and based on the customer requirement artificial marble colours customization is possible with the help of computer-based colouring techniques. Depending on the shape and size of marble it is useful in commercial kitchens like hotels and restaurants. The marble floors can also be helpful for cutting vegetables without causing any damage and hence they are useful as counter types in many restaurants.