Following are some tips and tricks which will help you to increase the longevity of your bathroom floors and walls, and will also help you to keep the room sparkling.

Choose the right bathroom tiles
There are various types of tiles for bathroom flooring and walls out there in the market of Australia. And we tend to get attracted to them without knowing exactly which one will be best suited for the walls and flooring of wet rooms. Tiles, like splashback tiles Brisbane, are a great option for the bathroom walls as these tiles do not stain and do not even absorb water. So basically, it reduces a lot of your labour behind cleaning the walls.  In case of flooring, laundry tiles are the best. These tiles come in thousands of exciting shapes, sizes and colours which will truly boggle you. Popular choices include African Charcoal, African Stone white, Artisan Arabasque, and the list go on. In case you are confused, you can have a discussion with staffs of online tiles sellers. So basically what we want to convey is, choosing the right type of tile for your bathroom will not only save your time for cleaning, but at the same time it will also make your bathroom look sophisticated and modern in true sense.

Use Dish washing liquid
You can use any dishwashing liquids on the walls and floor, and leave them overnight. Next day, gently scrub with a piece of sponge, and look all the dirt coming out like magic. But remember, this method is not applicable for tough stains and grime on the walls. And if you have ceramic tiles, don’t use too much of soaps or detergents as that will make the tiles look dull with time.

For Stained tiles
In case of stained walls, you can use a solution of salt or vinegar or lemon or baking soda on the stained parts and wait for about 20 minutes. And then wash it off by scrubbing it gently.

Less dirt with less accumulation of water
One thing you have to keep in mind that water accumulation will create more dirt and stains on walls and feature floor tiles, visit If your bathroom does not have a separate shower area, then get one. Or if you do not have enough space to create the division, then clean the water with a mop after shower to keep the bathroom as much dry as possible.