Growing up and going to university can be exciting as well as frightening. Living away from home possibly for the first time in your life and having to be truly responsible might seam like a lot to handle, but with time it will all become part and parcel of your new journey. Making your stay at the university more homely and secure for you can be achieved in a few steps. Having someone you can count on or call when ever you feel like you need to will be good. It will be a good idea to have a mentor whom your family knows for you to reach out to anytime. Your accommodation should be made as comfortable as possible as this will be the place you spend your nights in and when ever you feel like you want t go home but can’t, you should at least be able to go to your university accommodation and feel at least a bit of home in there. Here are some tips and how you could achieve this.

Take bedding from home

You could look for quilt covers online. If these are the kind that you have at home it will be best. Try to find something that’s similar to the ones you have at home, this way you will feel comfortable to sleep in your new bed at your university. Getting used to sleeping in a new place can be hard, so having things that are similar or familiar will be best to help to adjust comfortably. There are great designs and prints to choose from, look for something that you wont tire of easily. Having two sets would be best. This way you will have a change and when Washington required you wont have to have a bear bed.

Curtains and night lamps

If you can visit shop that has fabric for sale, you will be able to find nice and interesting materials for you to use as curtains. Buying material is best as you may not be aware of the window measurements and details. Take plenty material as you will not only be able to use it for curtains but also for any other needs. You could make cushions and bolsters with any excess fabric that you may have. This way you will have a very comfortable room. Sleeping in a new place can feel strange, to make the transition a bit easier it would be good to have a night lamp. Invest in something that has the adjustable power option. This way you can dim it down to make your room dim enough to sleep comfortably and bright enough to do some studies in. If you have to share your room these kinds of lamps will be even better.

Pictures and other personal items

Take lots of family photos and pictures of your friends to put up in your room. Feeling homesick is natural and with some photos around you, you might feel better. Make a walk wall of memories or a board of memories. These are extremely fun and interesting to have. You simply have to pin all the photos and any other notes and cards that you have from friend and family.